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Sara is a transformational health, wellness and spiritual coach and a certified nurse with a holistic approach, specialized in functional medicine and nutrition. Transformation, living in alignment with and following the heart and fulfilling your own highest potential, is Sara’s passion, as is sharing the message of healing and empowering oneself and finding your true purpose in life.

After loosing her own health and having a burnout year 2012 she became passionate about optimizing health with the help of nature, science and technology. She healed herself with functional medicine, nutrition and other holistic health interventions, in the end , most of all by "healing the mind", with self-empowerment, cutting off limiting beliefs and positive psychology.

Sara has a creative space and studio aimed for transformation, empowerment and healing named Natural Wellness in Helsinki, Finland. She does one on one coaching also online, and holds space for sacred women’s circles. She facilitates soundhealing, cacaoceremonies and special empowering heart opening workshops and retreats for women. 

She works with the Biohacker Center in Helsinki Finland and has been a part of the organizing team for the Biohacker Summit events around the globe since year 2016. She has especially been taking care of the Upgraded Dinner, with upgraded, locally sourced ingredients, superfoods and wild foraged plants. On top of that, this fall she is the the co-creator with her colleague, for the first ever Biohacking Women online course.

In the early springtime in Finland Sara also provides and organizes wildherb foraging trips and naturewalks. For more information or collaborations contact

Holistic Health & Transformational Coach | Certified Nurse | Functional Medicine Nutritionist | Eco Beautician |  Yogateacher | Licenced NLP Practitioner| Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments | Writer | Speaker | Biohacker

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