This is for You:

  • if you need more clarity in your life
  • if you need more balance
  • if you want to feel more peace and contentment
  • if you want to take the next step, but you don´t know what or how
  • wish to have better health
  • if you would like to have support and encouragement with making choises
  • if you would like to have a stronger connection to yourself and your highest self
  • if you would like to have more meaning and find your gift and purpose in your life
  • if you would like to feel more freedom
  • if you like to feel more secure
  • if you’d like to find real love
  • if you want to be happy
  • if you are motivated and really ready to make a change and go forward in your life
  • if you want to say YES to your dreams and dream-life

”This is everything I would´ve wished for, when I needed help and support on my own path back to balance after my burnout.”

Obviously Im only grateful and would not change anything, cause without these life lessons, I would´nt be here now, telling you all of this. Most likely though, I could´ve avoided my burnout, if I would´ve had all of this knowledge and these tools to help myself on my road.

Here you can read more about my story.

My studies and education that Im referring to is:

I have a Bachelor Degree in Health Care and Social Services with Specialisation in Health Care. I’ve studied functional medicine and nutrition, spiritual coaching and Im a certified yoga teacher. I combine and use all my knowledge and skills to help You in the best way possible.


This program includes *10x live sessions, a lot of written, creative assignments, clarifying and envisioning dreamlife, music, meditation, aphorisms, affirmation and intuitive channelling. Email and phonecalls between sessions.

*These sessions should be held in 6 months (1x/week recommended).

I accept only motivated committed clients, and thats because I will commit to You too and give all my time and knowledge, in order to help. I also always want the best for You. If after a few sessions, for some reason, you feel that this program was not for you, I will give a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Until now, all my clients have been satisfied and meeting first time usually confirms

NOTE: Coaching also ONLINE!

”This coaching program is for you, if you need more balance in your life OR if you´ve already lost balance and need help to get back on your feet and forward on your path.”

In this program we go through your life story and get more clarity in your present life situation, the path you are on and where you want to go. We will clarify your dreams and I´ll help you let go of limiting beliefs, that are no longer serving you and that are preventing you from moving forward, finding your gift and living your purpose on this planet. This program will help you to get the insight and inspiration you need, to fully move forward and towards living your dreams.

The aim of this program is that you will feel more connected to yourself and your dreams. Your inner voice will be more clear, you will have more clarity for what you really wish and want, and you will build confidence and strength and start taking action, as you begin to see all the possibilities you actually have. The aim is, that you will live your dream life, in your own way, on all levels imagined. You will take responsibility for your own happiness.

First meeting is FOR FREE!

When it comes down to it, we all want the same things. We all wish to be happy, have a feeling of safety and inner peace, and we all wish to experience the purest and most beautiful love.

We all wish to have meaning and purpose in our lives and in what we do for a living. Our work should be something that does not feel as work, it should be something that makes us exited, inspired and filled with positive energy.

”I believe by sharing our stories we can help, support and inspire each other. Together we are more.”



The feeling of happiness is the result of being present and connected with ourselves, with others and with nature. I believe nature plays a huge role in all of this, because we are a part of nature and it is the answer to everything. In nature you can find it all.

Happiness is the result of being loving and compassionate with ourselves, taking loving care of our own feelings and needs in this moment. Happiness is the result of sharing love with others, with people and all living. It is being in the moment and experiencing the beauty of a simple flower, a tree, the clouds or a sunset. Happiness is being in gratitude for what you are, what you´ve experienced and the sacred privilege of evolving your soul in love, focusing on what you have now and seeing the beauty and possibilities in what you can create.


”Happiness is not something that happens to you, it is something you choose.”

When was the last time you asked yourself…

  • When was the last time you asked yourself how am I actually doing? What feelings and thoughts am I carrying with me?
  • How is my health? Is my body and mind in balance?
  • What am I feeding my body? Do I give my body what it needs? Do I feel energetic and vital?
  • Is my sleep good and am I sleeping enough?
  • Am I moving my body in a way that feels good and gives me joy?
  • How am I taking care of myself? Do I practice selfceare and self love? Am I taking care of my needs?
  • Do I feel happiness and joy in my life?
  • Do I feel centered and calm? Am I feeling peace and trust inside of me?
  • Am I pursuing my dreams or living my dream life?
  • Do I feel satisfied with what I do? How am I contributing to this world?
  • How am I feeling today, with myself, in my life, my work, and in my relationships?


”My passion is to create long-lasting change and to awaken people to their innate potential, so they can share their gifts and fulfill their life purpose on this planet”.


  • Are you ready for a change?
  • Would you like to feel more balance?
  • Would you like to feel more contentment, happiness, joy and love?
  • Would you like to make all your dreams come true?

NOW is the time!

Apply for coaching or ask more! First consultation is FOR FREE.

Are you a student? Don´t worry, the price is accustomed to your situation and the fee can be payed in parts.



Read the Finnish text here!

Sending all the Light and LOVE to You

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